The Afghanistan Centre for Dispute Resolution (ACDR), an independent unit of the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI), is a state-of-the-art dispute resolution center which aims to attract and maintain domestic and international commercial business interests to the region. The ACDR delivers mediation to the domestic and international business community by supplying fast, fair, cost-effective and reliable professional mediation services while building demand through training, education and expertise in the dispute resolution field.

The ACDR is responsible for administering the mediation process as provided for in the ACDR’s Domestic and International Rules. This includes intake, scheduling, appointing mediators, providing facilities and handling financials among other duties. The ACDR’s world-class roster of mediators, carefully selected from the domestic and international legal and business communities, are tasked with providing impartial, transparent and effective dispute resolution services. Our seasoned, professionals and courteous staff seek to provide excellent customer service while ensuring ACDR mediations adhere to the highest of ethical standards.

The ACDR’s capabilities include:

  • ACDR Interactive – webcasts, chat rooms, e-mediation, e-web courses, a feedback and monitoring system for users and discussion forums;
  • Domestic and International Mediators and Rules;
  • Newly constructed facilities ready to house the growth of alternative dispute resolution in Afghanistan;
  • Training and educational programs;
  • International twinning agreements with some of the world’s largest ADR providers; and more…