In addition to mediation and arbitration services, the Afghanistan Center for Dispute Resolution (ACDR) provides settlement and calculation services. The set of procedures for handling such cases are different to that of mediation and arbitration, which is explained at length in the following document.

The Process of Settlement or Calculation of Cases includes the following steps:


First Step:

Either the courts refer cases to ACDR based on their rulings for settlement and calculation, or natural and legal persons directly submit their application to ACDR case managers for calculation and settlement.


Second Step:

After the case is referred or submitted, an ACDR case manager contacts the party or parties and after receiving their consent, arranges a meeting with both parties. If a party does not agree to settle their case through calculation at ACDR, ACDR formally returns the case to the relevant court/authority or plaintiff, the one who registers the case.


Third Step:

After the agreement and written consent, the parties will fill and complete the ACDR’s forms and submit them to the case managers.


Fourth Step:

Afterwards, ACDR refers the case to the assigned experts and accountants for settlement in the presence of the parties.


Fifth Step:

After the calculation is completed, the experts and accountants refer the case back to ACDR by attaching their settlement result and report.


Sixth Step:

Upon receiving the case, ACDR case managers scrutinize and review the result and report of the experts and accountants and forward the case to the relevant court/authority or the parties.


  1. Fee Structure:

ACDR provides calculation services in return for two kinds of fee.

  1. Registration and Case Management Fee:

ACDR charges a one-time nonrefundable case management fee of 1500 AFN (fifteen hundred AFN) per party.

  1. The Calculation Fee:
    After entering into an agreement with the parties, ACDR experts and/or accountants charge a nonrefundable fee based in one of the following methods
    1. Per hour:
    Per hour fee of 1150 AFN (Eleven hundred and fifty AFN) or
    2. Daily: 7500 AFN (Seven Thousand and Five Hundred AFN) per day (equals the number of official hours per day)
    3. A specific percentage of total settled value of the case after the disputing parties’ agreement.