Report on Workshop for Arbitrators, Mediators and the ACDR Staff, Sri Lanka 6-12 October, 2018

CLDP Sponsored and implemented 3 Workshops for Arbitrators, Mediators and the ACDR
Staff from October 6-12, conducted in Colombo, Sri Lanka for newly-appointed ACDR Trainer
Arbitrators, Mediators, and the Staff. The program featured presentations and interactive
discussions with experts practicing arbitration in Hong Kong and Hong Kong Arbitration
Center, Bird & Bird Firm, Professors from Sydney, Australia, Pinsent Masons Firm in Hong
Kong, Sri Lankan legal practitioners, Arbitration Chambers of Hong Kong, Sri Lanka ADR
Center, ICLP Arbitration Center of Sri Lanka and Ceylon Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka
Over the course of these 6 days and separate workshop for every group, Afghan arbitrators
became familiar with international and Sri Lankan approaches to commercial law advocacy,
basic arbitration disciplines, methods for arbitration procedures, rules of procedures of
different international arbitration centers, and the relationship between arbitration and court
proceedings, SIAC, the Model Law, the New York Convention, Due Process, the Arbitration
Award, and the Mechanics of Arbitration. Furthermore, the arbitrators practically exercised
how to write Procedural Orders and awards. The workshop was held as part of a series of
programs to build the capacity of ACDR (staff, arbitrators, and mediators) to help resolution of
commercial disputes, launch arbitration in Afghanistan, foster business and investment, and
implement Afghanistan’s Commercial Arbitration Law.
This document on hand is a detailed report of the Workshop for Arbitrators, Mediators and
ACDR Staff. The purpose of this workshop was to hold training and interactive discussion
where arbitrators, mediators, and the staff learn the technicalities of arbitrating, mediating,

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