Report on Training Workshop – 07 November, 2018

ACDR hosted and implemented Training of Arbitration, Mediation, and introduction of ACDR
on November 07, 2018 in ACDR Conference Hall funded by the Commercial Law Development
Program (CLDP), United States Department of Commerce.
The purpose of this Seminar was to hold training an interactive discussion so that the newly
appointed arbitrators, mediators, Law professors, and other stakeholders learn from the 5
trainer arbitrators and 5 trainer mediators trained in Sri Lanka by the CLDP. Participants
explored ACDR, learned about arbitration and mediation, new procedures for operation and
working together, and gave the recommendation for future training and workshops.
This document on hand is a detailed report of the Training of Arbitration, Mediation and
introduction of ACDR to the newly appointed mediators and arbitrators. The training was
organized as part of the ACDR training schedules, its campaign, building relations with related
governmental departments, capacity building of the government officials to understand
ADR and ACDR facilities, goals and scope of work.

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