Report on Mediators’ Monthly Meeting – 18 September, 2018

ACDR conducted monthly mediators’ meeting at ACDR on September 18, 2018.

These meetings are conducted monthly to update the mediators, listen to the recommendations, ideas and the initiatives of the mediators. The plans for the next months are always devised and the mediators are invited to take part in the training workshops conducted by the ACDR, ACCI and the CLDP. The purpose of this monthly meeting was to create Task Forces to work on developing training materials for the mediators training workshops conducted every other week at the ACDR.  These training workshops are for mediators, arbitrators, lawyers, counselors, students and the business sector. The goals of these training workshops are capacity building as well as public awareness of the ADR mechanism through ACDR.

To access the full report please click on this link: Mediators Meeting Report_18_September_2018