Report on Mediators’ Monthly Meeting – 15 August, 2018

ACDR conducted monthly mediator’s meeting at ACDR on August 15, 2018.

The purpose of this monthly meeting was to create Task Forces to work on creating groups to draft the guidelines, update the procedures of the mediator and to update the mediators about the rollout of Arbitration through ACDR in the near future. The monthly meetings help ACDR follow its strategic plans and develop potential ways for better implementation of mediation and arbitration plans. The mediators were briefed on the latest activities, programs and trainings conducted in ACDR and abroad for capacity building of the trainer mediators and newly appointed mediators. The mediators agreed on creating Task Force Groups to work on the future plans on how to complete the required tasks and recommendations for mediation.

To access the full report please click on this link:Mediators Meeting Report_15_August_2018