Case Manager and Communication

Sana Stanikzai

Case Manager, Sana Stanikzai had been involved in practical legal education for many years. Ms. Stanikzai has particular experience in legal research and writing. She is graduated of Law at Rana University. She had published her recent article on the Political State of Afghanistan – Barriers to Peace Talks in Afghanistan. Ms. Stanikzai is a young activist and has a deep passion for MUN conferences, youth, and women empowerment programs. She is the Secretary-General of Elite International Model United Nation. Ms. Stanikzai is interested in international relations, diplomacy. Her aim is to serve and make a better future for Afghanistan.

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Case Manager

Tawakol Khuram

Case Manager, is graduate of law and judiciary (LL. B) and received his Master’s degree in Criminal Law and Criminology in 2018. In academia, he is involved in teaching commercial law, criminal law, and general law. He has written articles on The Role of Biometric Systems in Criminal investigations and Cyber Security Law in Afghanistan Criminal Code and the International Laws. He was the legal advisor to the Ministry of Public Health. He has experience working as a legal consultant at the KEA Legal and Consulting Services. He has experience in commercial and business law, contract drafting, and developing administrative management policies. Besides, he has been working on community development, youth empowerment, legal awareness campaigns, and legal capacity building for young generation with different social and human rights organizations.

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Admin and Finance Manager

Fawad Sultani

Admin and Finance Manager of Afghanistan Center for Commercial Dispute Resolution. Mr.  Fawad Sultani graduate of bachelor  Business Administration,  (BBA) specializing in Finance. He Studied DIT (Diploma in Information Technology and DEL (Diploma in English language) plus other short-term and long-term training. Mr. Sultani has more than 7 years of experience working in national and international organizations in Afghanistan. He has a wide experience in management, planning, marketing, administration, and finance. Previously, he worked as a finance officer at Afghanistan Technical Equipment Maintenance Program (ATEM) for the U.S. government.

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